Playing “Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove” with Cheat Codes

“Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove” has many cheat codes – hundreds in fact! Today, traditional cheat codes aren’t in all that many games – yet the amount in “Shovel Knight Treasure Trove” is so extensive that it can be overwhelming. Today, I want to showcase some of my favorite cheat codes that the game offers.

(These codes are entered by putting them where your name normally goes).

Codes that Alter Text

On IGN, they list a code (“pl&jrjr”) that causes the characters to speak like Jar Jar Binks from the prequel trilogy in the Star Wars saga. For example, instead of characters saying “me” when referring to themselves, they will say “meesa”. There is also the well-known code “x&butt”, though I’ll let people figure the effect of that out for themselves.

Mobility-related Codes

Has anyone ever wanted to play as one character with a completely different character’s movement? With the code “c&mvrkhnt” (also found on IGNs page), one can play as Specter Knight with a wall-jump that looks more like that of X from “Mega Man X”. There’s also “k&shtfta” (found on Yacht Club Games’ Twitter Thread). This code fulfills the dream of playing “Shovel Knight: King of Cards”, but it looks and feels more like “Shovel Knight: King of Cards & Knuckles” because you are now able to do a spin-dash, and turn red, in addition to having a shoulder-bash. It’s as if he was Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog. I find codes that manipulate the abilities of a character to be more fun when combined with a challenge, but one doesn’t necessarily have to do so.

Sometimes, it can also be fun to guess codes yourself!

Codes that I Guessed Myself

Is anyone playing the “King of Cards” campaign and wanting to see what all the cards are without collecting them? I entered “k&cards” where I’d normally enter the name, and I suddenly had them all. This was my first original discovery of a cheat code in the game. Despite feeling like an easy guess, I was surprised it worked.

I also managed to guess that “cc&spin” was a code, though it had a different result than expected. Instead of the screen spinning around as showcased in Yacht Club Games Presents around the 7:54 mark, it instead gave me a random item and set of armor whenever I started a new level out of the main set of levels. You could interpret the effect as spinning a roulette wheel – what you land on is your item and armor set for that level. I found this to be fun to play while challenging myself not to buy any items or armor.

I find the codes of “Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove” to be fun to try out. Some of them simply give you an item at the start with infinite ability to use it. This can be good for people who need a bit of help getting through the game. There are also plenty of codes that are just aesthetic or have more reason to use. Even without codes, I still really enjoy this game (if you have any interest, I’d suggest to at least check it out), but the inclusion of these codes is both a nice connection to the classics and a nice extra to try out!