Frog Trainer’s Log (Pokémon Challenge): Prologue Entry 1- “What the ‘Heliolisk’ is going on here?”

Alola (meaning “hello”), readers!

Before I begin with the prologue of what hopefully becomes a new series, I want to communicate something. This is likely going to take a lot of work, and as I am relatively new to blogging (less than 18 months blogging), I may run into issues.

Please remember that when something is new, it needs to be practiced. Practicing is part of what I’m doing here, as well as experimenting and challenging myself. All three of these can be tough to deal with.

With that out of the way, I’d like to introduce what I plan to make into a new series for my blog. I will take on a challenge in Pokémon Ultra Moon using only one species of Pokémon. To be clear, that means one Pokédex number and no evolution. I receive two as soon as I’m able to trade, with one each being male or female. I’m not allowed to use any species other than the chosen species in battle, although if I run into a shiny or legendary Pokémon, I may still catch it. Finally, once I receive and hatch my first egg, I will trade it for a third of the species. This way, I can have a healthy Pokémon and still be able to breed the other two.

You should see what species of Pokémon I chose in the 2nd (and hopefully final) part of the prologue.

Now that I’ve introduced the series, let’s hop into “Prologue Entry 1”!

It all started when I, Lodestar “Frog Trainer” Valor, moved to Melemele Island in the Alola region. Yes, my username is “Frog Trainer”. It’s a nickname I got from my friends back in Kanto, okay? Anyway, I got a call through my laptop from someone whose Caller-ID listed “Professor Kukui”. He asked for which of a few photos I wanted on my Passport. Seven of them looked nothing like me, so I chose the only one did. I then gave him my real name, but he entered my username instead. I was even more disappointed when my own mother called me by the same dumb nickname.


My mother then asked me if I wanted to meet some Pokémon that were native to Alola, my first and more sarcastic thought was “Are there any frogs in Alola?” I was hoping so much that there weren’t any Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, or Venasaur in Alola, even though I thought I heard one of the three was found here on rare occasion. Putting that sarcastic thought aside, I eventually replied:

“I guess…”

I was asked to meet the professor on Route 1 of Melemele Island. I was nervous at first that I would never find my way, that is until I stepped outside my house and looked at the signs. I lived right next to Route 1, JUST like I did back in Kanto. Isn’t that weird?

I went up to Route 1 and was almost attacked by a wild Pokémon. Thankfully, I was saved by another wild Pokémon. I chose it as a temporary partner, at least until I could contact my friend from Sinnoh in order to get an old partner of mine, Infernape, brought over. I’m hoping I can trust this friend to do so, because the two of us had some valuable experiences together. Until then, I’m happy to have any partner that seems relatively friendly (unless it’s a frog).



I then found Professor Kukui, who apparently meant to send over three Pokémon in advance of himself to help me if any wild Pokémon showed up…I have two questions:

  1. Is the Rowlett really wild?
  2. Where are the other two Pokémon?
At least we’re a “fine-looking team”?

The professor then asked me to proceed to Iki Town in order to meet the…the…Kakuna? Why would I need to meet a Kakuna? There are plenty of them in Kanto anyway.

I then heard two words: “No…Ka-HU-na!”

I didn’t understand what the heck he was talking about, but I proceeded up Route 1 and into Iki town. I looked for this “Kahuna”, but I didn’t find them after looking around for 3 hours. Okay, maybe I was checking my typical social media platform much of that time and may have been distracted, but I didn’t find the Kahuna. Suddenly, I heard a cry for help!

It led me away from the town, but I took a path that seemed to lead to the person that was potentially in need. I came to the end of the path and found a girl, a bridge, and several Spearow circling something I couldn’t identify. The girl cried, “Save Nebby!” I looked a bit closer, and the thing I couldn’t identify earlier then appeared to be a Pokémon. Even if I couldn’t identify it, something told me it needed help regarding the Spearow. At first, I sent out Rowlett to help with the situation, but there were too many Spearow, so I called it back. I decided to be brave and confront the Spearow head-on to protect this “Nebby”.

As soon as I was covering the Pokémon with my body, the Spearow flew toward me. But then they flew away, not as if they decided to, but as if something pushed them away. The bridge fell apart at the same time for seemingly the same reason. I panicked, but if I were more calm, I’d be saying something along the lines of “Great, now we’re both in trouble…” As we were falling, a fall from a great height I’ll have you know, another new Pokémon saved us.



I was SO relieved. I don’t know this Pokémon’s origin or why it saved us, but I was glad that it saved me while saving the Pokémon I was trying to help as well. When it dropped us off back where the bridge had met the path, it looked me in the eye.


But I still had questions: Who was this Pokémon that I saved? Who was this Pokémon that saved me? What the “Heliolisk” is going on here? I’ll write another log once I have more of an answer to anything in this “Odish” region. For now though, this is Lodestar “Frog Trainer” Valor signing off.

Thanks to @wrytersview and @winstolf for proofreading and offering suggestions!

2 thoughts on “Frog Trainer’s Log (Pokémon Challenge): Prologue Entry 1- “What the ‘Heliolisk’ is going on here?”

  1. I balked for a moment because of meeting the starter in the wild. I haven’t played the Ultra games and I didn’t know you met the starter differently! This is gonna be an interesting challenge, limiting your selection to one species. I’m looking forward to seeing which Pokemon you chose!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, the “Ultra” games actually have quite a few differences in story (among some other things). I won’t give any spoilers on the game itself until I have an entry revolving around them. That said, the ending ~2/5 of the story feels like a different Pokémon game, even if it’s in an updated version of the same region and generation.

      Liked by 1 person

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