Splatoon 2 [3.2.0] (2017)

This is my first review in quite a while. I’m happy to have it ready for Splatoon 2’s first anniversary of release. Enjoy!

The Well-Red Mage

Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.
-Nina Dobrey

on1 “The following is a guest post by the Valiant Vision Mage.”

The Splatoon series has been very popular among Nintendo fans. Despite premiering on a console that didn’t do so well (the Wii U), the first Splatoon took the console’s fanbase (as well as others who didn’t have the console yet) by “Ink Storm”. For instance, when the game first released, I saw that online players were saying through Miiverse that they got a Wii U just to play the new game. Another example was that less than a month after launch, people were creating modifications to other games to make them play more like Splatoon did. What makes this franchise so different from any other though? I would say a few things: Ink-based combat, Squid Kids that can shoot ink and swim through their…

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