Why I’m Excited for “Wargroove”

Greetings Readers,

Whether or not this becomes a series, I have another game that I’m excited for. This time, I bring Wargroove to the front-line.

The first I had heard of Wargroove was its announcement for the Nintendo Switch back in March 2017. The trailer I saw immediately reminded me of the Fire Emblem series, which is one of my favorite franchises to date.

Fire Emblem, for those who don’t know, is a turn-based strategy role-playing game. When I borrowed the first game released in America from a friend of mine, I absolutely loved the experience. While I especially loved the variety of characters that were likely included because they wanted a role-playing experience, I can take a break from that. I have reason to believe that Wargroove will be very different, not necessarily better or worse, but different from Fire Emblem.

My point is this: Based off of how much I enjoy turn-based strategy games, as well as what I’ve seen recently from Indie games (which could be a topic of its own), Wargroove is a game I REALLY want to try.

The press-kit states:

Wargroove is a turn-based strategy game for up to 4 players, in which each player takes control of an army and its commander unit to wage war on their enemies! Wargroove is extremely easy to pick up, with accessibility at the forefront of its design, and very difficult to master, with deep gameplay mechanics that complement strategic play.

Scheduled for sometime in early 2018, I hope to be able to play this soon, especially seeing its 4-way multiplayer, campaign editor, and what will likely be mod-support. These are all things I’ve wanted in a turn-based strategy game for years.

I’m especially hoping for a difficult, yet not over-the-edge campaign, whether it would be the default or somebody’s custom campaign.


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