The “Pokkén Tournament DX” Demo And Why It’s Not to be a Decisive Factor

Let me start out with an excerpt from my original article:

I also had the chance to play quite a bit of Pokkén Tournament DX at one of the Nintendo Summer of Play events. I had the chance to try out the five new characters (Darkrai, Scizor, Croagunk, Empoleon, and Decidueye) and the new support set (Litten and Popplio), which were all a lot of fun to use. I must’ve played at least 10 games of Pokkén while I was there, beat everyone I faced, and had quite a good time.

Source: “Why I’m Excited for Pokkén Tournament DX”

The demo on the eShop was a big disappointment after this, including a seventh of the characters, and an even smaller fraction of Support Sets. What’s even worse is that you only get 15 battles.

I remember the demo for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, it had five characters, two ways to play (items or no items), and had 30 uses, which had infinite battles every time it was booted-up. I’m still not sure why the demo for Pokkén Tournament DX was locked up this bad.

Long story short, don’t make your decision on the game based on the demo alone, it’s proven to me that it isn’t a good factor in such a decision. I’d suggest renting the game or playing with a friend after release before deciding for sure whether to get it or not. There’s plenty of evidence on the Pokémon website that there’s more to the game than this, and I can assure you, even the original game is still fun today for me.

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